Peugeot wants to create a car with compressed air

 The French company said its intention to construct a hybrid car, which in one of its cycles will be driven by compressed air.
According to the company , the new technology is called Hybrid Air; perspective it would lead to the consumption of conventional fuels car at two liters per hundred kilometers .
Hybrid Air Systems is scheduled to begin on the machine to install the B-Class in 2016 .
Cars with Hybrid Air technology will be equipped with a conventional three-cylinder internal combustion engine , a hydraulic motor – pump, automatic transmission and storage and compressed air .
Depending on driving style and speeds will automatically select one of the modes : compressed air , gasoline and cooperative.
In the first mode is supposed to complete off the internal combustion engine . With this driving mode , compressed air is supplied from the storage system to the hydraulic motor which then will transmit the rotation to the wheels.
When expenditure of compressed air reserve will be included internal combustion engine for its replenishment . Furthermore, the compressed air supply can be replenished hydraulic motor during braking.
In the drive compressed air quantity of harmful emissions into the atmosphere will be near zero ( completely off at zero internal combustion engines ) .
The first mode will be activated at a speed of less than 70 kilometers per hour. The second mode of operation involves only the internal combustion engine .
It will be invoked only with vigorous acceleration or when driving out of town at a constant speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour.
In combined mode, the hydraulic motor and the internal combustion engine will operate simultaneously , while also providing significant fuel economy and good acceleration .
Such a regime , according to Peugeot, will be used in city driving in the ” stop-start ” . It is expected that 80 percent of the time driving around the city car with Hybrid Air technology will drive by compressed air.

According to preliminary calculations , Hybrid Air will provide a 45 percent fuel savings and 90 percent increase in fuel range compared to conventional cars.
In general, the machine technology Hybrid Air will be significantly quieter than their conventional gasoline counterparts.

Porsche Panamera next generation acquainted with the paparazzi

The German sports car maker , completing restyled Panamera, has begun to establish a representative of the second generation five-door hatchback.

A few days ago the “test mule ” Porsche Panamera was discovered press photographers at the Nurburgring race track , where the company’s engineers conducted sea trials of the vehicle chassis .

Under the five-door hatchback body hidden new modular platform MSB, designed concern VW Group. In addition to the Porsche Panamera generation “next”, this ” cart” will continue to build new cars Bentley and Lamborghini. According to WCF, made ​​of steel and aluminum platform will make Porsche Executive hatchback lighter than its predecessor at 90 kg.

In the exterior of the new Porsche Panamera will be a strong correlation with the conceptual model Panamera Sport Turismo, whose premiere took place within the last year’s motor show in Paris. The car will be complete combustion engines and hybrid installation . New product goes on the market in 2015 in two car body versions: ” hatchback” and “universal .”

Charged »Ferrari 458 Italia received a 605- horsepower engine

The company Ferrari declassified “charged ” version of the coupe 458 Italia – Speciale. Supercar got upgraded 4.5 -liter V8 from the ” Italy”, which has become more powerful by 35 horsepower and now develops 605 forces. Thus, the engineers were able to remove forces from 135 liters in volume, which , according to representatives of the manufacturer, is the best indicator for all road vehicles with an engine displacement .
With space to a hundred miles an hour the novelty accelerates exactly three seconds , 0.4 seconds faster than the basic 458- th . Mark of 200 kilometers per hour coupe overcome by 9.1 seconds . Circle the track in Fiorano model passes for 1 minute 23.5 seconds . This is 1.5 seconds faster than the ” Italy ” and only half a second slower 740 -horsepower coupe F12berlinetta.

” Charged ” supercar was 90 pounds lighter than conventional ” Italy” and weighs 1290 kilograms. Power to weight ratio – 2.13 kg per horsepower . In addition, the coupe appeared active aerodynamic elements which, according to engineers , led to the Ferrari 458 Speciale most efficient road model in Ferrari’s history in terms of aerodynamics . Among these elements are : the small flaps around the headlights and rear wheels , and a rear diffuser that can change its position depending on the speed and lateral accelerations .

In addition, the supercar equipped with a tracking system for lateral slides (Side Slip Angle Control, SSC). Electronics independently track the car skidding , compare it with the accepted values ​​and, if necessary, using the traction control F1-Trac and active rear differential E-Diff helps the driver to control the slide .

In Ferrari also noted that the new product has the best response of the motor to work the gas pedal (0.06 seconds ) and achieves the highest lateral acceleration (1,33 g) of all road models Ferrari.

The first live show will take place in September, new items at the Frankfurt Motor Show .

Mercedes and BYD created Denza

The joint venture has submitted a concept electric car, which in 2013 will be mass-produced.

   The new Chinese brand Denza, which is the result of cooperation of German concern Daimler and Chinese automaker BYD, presented to the public as part of the Beijing auto show. The joint venture has submitted a concept electric car, which in 2013 will be mass-produced.

Denza combines the experience of German engineers and designers and generation of BYD in the manufacture of batteries. So far, the concept Denza – it’s only a “shell” that is, no technical specifications are not reported. We only know that the production model will be produced at the plant BYD, and under the brand Denza decided to produce only electric vehicles. Investment in the project is now 88 million U.S. dollars.

According to the company Denza, Chinese authorities up to 2020 are going to increase the number of electric cars in the country from the current 10 thousand to 5 million so that the auto companies will be in demand.

The new MINI Paceman from coming to Paris

MINI PacemanAt the end of this month 2013 MINI Paceman will be viewed from all sides at the motor show in Paris. Photos and some information was leaked online developers themselves. After a few moments, the new MINI has become known around the world. Now available and video of the new machine.

Paceman – a three-door crossover length of slightly more than four meters. The car has 4 seats, and each of them framed and clearly separated from the others. Small trunk can be done three times, folding rear seats. The maximum capacity of the trunk in the five-door version of Paceman is 1170 liters!

Peysmen MINI

Avtomobilchik will have a few different models. S, D and SD Paceman will have the power from 112 horsepower to 184. Four different engines to choose from – two petrol and two diesel powerfully little weaker. The package also includes the ability to put the automatic transmission. All-wheel-drive models.

Peysmen MINI

Since Peysmen MINI made by his predecessor, Countryman, and the design does not particularly changed. Paceman only 4 centimeters shorter and 1 cm below. And, of course, different tail lights for the first time in the history of the MINI made horizontal.

This avtomobilchik will cost almost half as much Countryman, and we will buy it from the beginning of 2013.

Tuning cars from Carlsson Autotechnik

Smart Race Edition.
Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH company more than a year engaged in car tuning Mercedes-Benz. Many years of experience and the availability of unique equipment allows the Germans not only modifying cars for civil drive, but also to build a real race cars. Among the latest developments can be noted in the built car Carlsson SLK 340 for participation in the legendary competition to lift the hill Pikes Peak in Colorado, USA. Sports car will compete in the category E1, and its competitors will be racing cars factory teams Hyundai and Suzuki.

Through the use of advanced materials, Carlsson SLK 340 weighs only 780 kg. Helped achieve this result the use of ultra-light body panels from carbon fiber.

Specificity competition uphill requires a combination of low weight with high downforce, so all the aerodynamic components of a body have been repeatedly tested in a wind tunnel. Flat bottom and developed a rear diffuser optimize airflow under the car, and a large rear spoiler not only looks stylish, but also adding to the rear axle.

Responsible for the safety of riders complex cage mounted in the frame of the power sports car and sport seats with composite skeleton of Fibreworks.

Under the hood Carlsson SLK 340 nahodtsya 3.4-liter turbocharged V8. Weighing in at 120 kg, it is able to develop power to 610 hp and a torque of 430 Nm.

Optimum grip provide adjustable suspension KW, BBS alloy wheels dimension 10h18 front 13×18 rear, and racing tires AVON. Braking system of ultra-light materials are allowed to save a few pounds.

Completed the construction of sports car racing, the creation of which has left more than 1,800 hours of hard work, Carlsson have decided to celebrate this event, having finished miniature avtomobilchik Smart in style formidable Carlsson SLK 340. His creation tuners called Smart Race Edition.

Bright kid got body kit, 17-inch alloy wheels and LED daytime lights turn. The car’s engine is equipped with a sport air filter, intake, patched ECU tuning and exhaust system with four exhaust pipes. As a result, engine power increased from 84 to 112 hp, with maximum torque of 158 Nm achieved at 2000 rpm / min. First hundred Carlsson Smart Race Edition is gaining in 9.9 with a top speed increased from 145 to 155 km / h

Among other changes, it should be noted underestimated by 15 mm front and 30 mm rear suspension, as well as a modified red-white vehicle.м

SOATAO Mazana, Madagascar

Start of production: 2010

SOATAO Mazana, Madagascar
The prototype: Karenjy Mazana 1985

Fuel consumption: 7 l/100 km

Capacity: 60 liters. s.

The world’s first car with a proud stamped “Made in Madagascar” was released in 1985. It was a four-wheel drive Karenjy Mazana with fiberglass hull and 2-liter diesel engine Renault 852. In the same year the car was enthusiastically adopted by the Paris Motor Show, and a few copies were immediately sold to Europe. Endearing awkwardness, Robust & endurance designs captivated the hearts and motorists and at home Karenjy. Later, a young Madagascan carmaker was honored to provide your car yourself to John Paul II. When the Pope visited Africa in 1989, papomobil for him did exactly Karenjy – then still the company’s future seemed as rosy.

However, the political crisis of 2002 has hit the country’s economy, and nearly got stronger auto production was inhibited. Trying a new political coup in March 2009 led to the blockade of the unrecognized government of Madagascar from the African Union. In conditions of crisis and unemployment have tightened the company Relais Madagascar, previously engaged in the distribution of second-hand from France, reactivated factory. Since the beginning of the year has sold six cars, and, as noted by the leadership group, all buyers were “fascinated kondovyh design by foreigners.”

Troller T4, Brazil

Troller T4, Brazil
Start of production: 1995

Prototype: Jeep Wrangler

Fuel consumption: 11 l/100 km

Power: 162 liters. with.

In Brazil, there is nothing to do without the jeep. Road infrastructure is well developed only in the southern region, where the capital of Brazil and the major cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Northern and central areas may remind motorist dead of nowhere with the amendment to the frequent floods, droughts and other tropical delights. But the market and sell such nebhodimye jeeps in Brazil can: The legendary flooding in Sao Paolo in December 2009, was for Troller T4 free advertising. The confidence with which the machine in the real world is literally turned into a submarine, to save a few million reais to the marketing department of the company Troller Veículos Especiais, which since 1995 and supplies to the Latin American car market these ATVs. Designed on the basis of American Wrangler, Troller equipped with its own Brazilian MWM turbo 3 liter.

However, in 2005, the Brazilian MWM Motores Diesel Ltd was bought by American Navistar International – after Troller T4 become more American. Have to pay a large sum for the opportunity to ride on the new SUV on old Brazilian Brazilian roads. Or Russian – if pay for shipping and customs clearance.

Shebelle, Ethiopia

Shebelle, Ethiopia
Start of production: 2010

Prototype: JAC B-cross

Fuel consumption: 6.5 l/100 km

Power: 134 liters. with.

Even at the end of the last century, an enterprising engineer of Ethiopian Tadesse Tessema understood that in his country starved machines. After the war with Eritrea, Ethiopia lost access to the sea, and the vast majority of cars coming into the country through the neighboring state of Djibouti. Due to difficulties in transporting even a 20-year-old Toyota could cost Ethiopia around € 12 000. Faced with this, Tadesse initially engaged in the export of Ethiopia supported the Russian car Lada, and when this idea is outdated, Tadesse fate brought the Dutchman Cornelius Wilhelmus, a representative group Guns BV.

Together, they founded the company Holland Car, and in 2005 an office in Addis Ababa-mill in the town of Mojo, where more than 200 people. This work is licensed to assemble Chinese brand Lifan cars and JAC. However boring Chinese names Lifan 520 and JAC B-cross Ethiopian automakers replaced by Abay and Shebelle. Both names come from local rivers, which makes the true patriots of Ethiopia once again proud to wipe label c Amharic letters. Although the price of the first Ethiopian car above the cost of similar Chinese for almost $ 7000, Holland Car production is still a success.

Maruti Gypsy King, India

Maruti Gypsy King, India
Start of production: 1982

The prototype: Suzuki Samurai (Japan)

Fuel consumption: 12.5 l/100 km

Capacity: 80 liters. s.

Once upon a small SUV, known in Russia as the Suzuki Samurai, produced and sold under different names literally around the world, including Australia, it was called Suzuki Sierra or Holden Drover, Thailand – Suzuki Caribbean, Pakistan – Suzuki Potohar, and in Latin America remembers them as Chevrolet Samurai. Perhaps it was the most unpretentious, reliable and cheap cars in its class. Today, however, buy a new car that is identical to the legendary Japanese Suzuki Samurai model in 1982, it is possible only from the Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki.

The demand for it exceeds supply, so after the prepayment car buyers wait at least three months: the plant simply can not cope with the influx of orders, while paradoxically decreasing from year to year the number of vehicles produced. And the cost of the machine is still held within a very modest budget: for a small amount you can buy Maruti Gypsy King with rigid leaf spring suspension and a removable roof.